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The Other Side of the Light

The Other Side of the Light

What a beautiful and fascinating time, the winter season. The time of the Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah and many other celebrations designed to bring light to these, the darkest days of the year. As I, too, settle in for the long winter’s nap, I began thinking...

Be The Cracker, Not the Dip

You know how when you’re eating a really delicious dip–be it that spinach artichoke stuff, the guacamole, or the hot three-bean dip you love at Superbowl parties–have you ever noticed that the cracker isn’t the point? The cracker is just the...

Thought For the Week: Navigation

Great leadership raises the sails of one’s dream, navigates it in the direction of possibility, and converts the opposition & challenges to create the lift required to produce power, drive, and forward momentum. Sound complicated?  It’s...

Pessimism Into Engagement

Here’s a thought that’s been on my mind lately: How do you turn pessimism into engagement? The tragedy of a pessimistic attitude is, unfortunately, something we often have to face on a regular basis–whether that’s inside ourselves, feeling...
Your Fair Share

Your Fair Share

When it comes to relationships, personal, professional or otherwise, sometimes–okay, most times–we’ve got to cut each other some slack. Fair? Oh, how often I hear people say, “Our relationship is fair, equitable, 50/50 even, we each do our fair...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok, after spending WAY to much time trying to come up with something cleaver and creative to try and express what I most want to say this Thanksgiving, I decided to cut to the chase and simply be direct.  Are you ready? OK. Take both your arms, stretch them out in...
The Reverse CVI

The Reverse CVI

Have you ever noticed how some of our most profound lessons are found 180º from where we are looking and expecting them to be? If you’ve coached with me recently, you know I really love using the CVI as a resource. If you know nothing about it, it’s an index to...

Thought For The Week

Leadership isn’t about having all the answers. It’s about having the courage to ask the difficult questions. What questions are you being challenged to ask this week? 
Leader? Artist? Why Yes, Yes You Are!

Leader? Artist? Why Yes, Yes You Are!

Have you ever noticed that if you put art supplies in front of kids, they’ll make art? They rarely, if ever, stop to wonder whether or not they can, or whether or not they consider themselves an “artist,” and by not doubting their artistry, they are able...

Thought For The Week: Fail Forward Faster!

Mistakes are inevitable, 100% unavoidable (unless you bury yourself in a hole and do absolutely nothing, which, ironically, I would also consider a mistake), and completely desirable.  Mistakes don’t illuminate our weaknesses, they clear the path to our...


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