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The Helm is Yours

The Helm is Yours

We captain many ships in our life: Relationships, partnerships, friendships, citizenship, hardship… but it is our Leadership that is most capable of taking us to new shores and upon which we will discover new worlds. We sail our leadership with the sails of...
4 Reasons You Should Avoid A Coach!

4 Reasons You Should Avoid A Coach!

I know what you’re thinking–what the heck is this coaching thing, anyway? What’s the point? How does it work? How do you even know who to trust? Well, that’s not even the worst of it. Working with a coach, life/executive or otherwise is, quite...

Manage Tasks/Lead People

A truth many corporations have yet to fully grasp is the essential difference between leadership and management. Great managers are not always great leaders. Great leaders are not always great managers. The difference is the key. To put it simply, management, to be...
This Phenomenal Habit

This Phenomenal Habit

Recently, a client of mine described a new habit they’ve taken up as “phenomenal.” It’s completely changed their perspective on life and their ability to deal with challenges. That habit? You guessed it: journaling once a day for a mere ten...

Thought For The Week: Journaling

Much too often, it seems to me like people either live in the past or the future. Just listen to the language they use. “I can’t wait until…” “Someday, when I get that promotion…” “If only I had…”  Or maybe this sounds more familiar:...

Your Mother Is An Artist

What is an artist? That’s the question I posed to my daughter’s third-grade class. Many of the answers I received you can can probably predict: “A painter!” “Someone who draws!” But one response totally caught me off guard: “Your...


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